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Kafa rejects the draft law on marriages of minors


Kafa Violence and Exploitation issued yesterday a statement in which it rejected the new draft law to regulate underage marriage in Lebanon and which was submitted recently by MP Ghassan Moukhaiber in coordination with the National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW). Kafa called for the withdrawal of this law petition given its contradiction with the concept of human rights.  The statement noted that the draft law supports confessional authority and provides a legal justification for marrying 9 or 12 year old girls.  The statement added that it is inadmissible for any legal or religious or family authority to decide on marriage especially when it regards underage individuals, indicating that any disregard of the concept of consent will transform marriage into a rape.  The statement concluded by asking how is it possible for the NCLW or for MP Moukhaiber not to realize that consent is not real when it concerns minors.  The statement rejected the argument which states that regulating underage marriage will actually protect minor girls.

The WEEPortal published the above-mentioned draft law previously, on 30/9/2014, under the title: "A draft law to regulate minor marriages in Lebanon and to penalise offenders"
Source: Al-Nahar, Al-Akhbar 2 October 2014

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