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Poor law enforcement: Fatmeh, a victim of her uncle and the carelessness of security forces


The media reported during the past few days the plight of Fatimah Seif Eddine (21 year old) who called the ISF 112 hotline to report the abuse she continuously suffers from by her uncle.  Fatmeh's complaints remained unheard as she was mocked by the policeman who answered the phone.  Fatmeh suffered the same treatment by police agents in both Borj el Barajneh and Mrayjeh.  A policeman blamed her for complaining against her uncle while another one told her "do not call us, we will call you".
Local newspapers lamented the carelessness of the policy as a result of which her uncle continued to hit her and knocked her out till she became unconscious.  Fatmeh’s new complain was treaded in the same manner , whilst having official medical reports in her possession as a physician in the military hospital reported that she was a victim of physical violence. Police authorities noted that the behavior of the police officers is in disregard of the procedures adopted by ISF and assured that violators will be held accountable for their acts, Meanwhile, Fatmeh and other women victims of violence remain under the threat of being denied protection.
Source: Al-Akhbar, 6 December 2014

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