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Amendments to reinforce domestic violence law in Lebanon


On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, 10 lawmakers forwarded a draft bill to the Parliament aimed at amending the Domestic Violence Law No. 293/2014. The draft was announced during a press conference yesterday in the presence of the head of Kafa Organization, Zoya Rouhana and NCLW members. The MPs to recall are: Ibrahim Kenaan, Edie Abillama’, Estphan Dweihi, Paula Yacoubian, Taymour Jumblat, Sammy Gemayel, Shamel Rukuz, Michel Mousa, Nazih Najm and Nawaf Mousawi. Rukuz explained that the penalties included in the present law are far from being a serious deterrent, pointing to the new draft law which embraces 11 amendments that cover all the aspects of the law. Similarly, while Rouhana hailed the parliamentary blocs for backing the proposal, Faten Abu Chakra said the NCLW has submitted the draft through the justice ministry, hoping it will soon be ratified. At the end of the conference, Kafa distributed the text of the amendments notably the following: Redefining the family, redefining domestic violence, criminalizing domestic violence, adopting the principle of the specialization of judges in cases related to domestic violence, protection of women, inclusiveness of children in protection regardless of the age of custody and finally, reserving the right of the mother victim to accompany her children. You can find the full amendments on the following link: (Al Mustaqbal 27 November 2018)

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