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AUB organizes its annual job fair amid concerns from the political situation in Lebanon


The Students Affairs Office at the American University of Beirut is organizing the annual Job Fair-Exhibition 2014, which will be held on the 24th and 25th of April with the participation of some 130 companies from around the world.  The event aims at helping AUB students and alumni in finding employment.

The recruitment director at AUB, Maryam Ghandour, indicated in an interview with the Daily Star that, although the job fair is attracting a relatively large number of companies, many foreign companies declined the invitation for fear of the unstable political situation in the country and indicated their need for assurances that the security situation was improving before they could participate. Ghandour also indicated that this instability is making Lebanese firms hesitant when it comes to recruiting new employees adding that some people are even postponing their projects and start-ups till after the election of the new president.

Ghandour also emphasized the important role of universities in helping students choose majors that best fit their personality, as well as setting tailored programmes that would improve students’ abilities and skills and match the needs of the job market. She also indicated that firms usually hire employees based on a set of criteria, the most important of which being language skills, analytical and research skills, as well as leadership, organizational and management skills.

Source: The Daily Star 23 April 2014

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