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2014 Youth Job Fair opens at NDU while Minster of Labor promises to curb foreign labor


The NDU employment office kicked off the annual 2014 job fair at its Campus in Zouk Mosbeh under the auspices of the Minister of Labor, Mr. Sijaan Azzi who promised to curb foreign labor.  The subject of this job The vice Dean of Cultural and Public Relations Affairs at the NDU, Suheil Matar, called for collaboration with Minister Azzi in carrying out a scientific research to identify the exact needs of the Lebanese job market and the specializations required to meet these needs.  He considered that youth unemployment is a worst problem than immigration. For her part, the responsible of the NDU employment office, Layal Nehme Matar, highlighted the important role of the university in giving hope, determination and faith to the use and in arming them with education and culture.
Source: Al-Mustaqbal, Al-Diyar, Al-Nahar 21 May 2014

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