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According to 70% of the Lebanese believe that salary is the key consideration for choosing a job


A new opinion poll released by in collaboration with YouGov for research and consultation and entitled Career Aspirations in the Middle East and North Africa notes that 70% of the Lebanese believe that monthly salary is the key consideration for choosing a job, whereas 66% prioritise potentials for career advancement as a key consideration, and 28% prioritise the challenge offered by the job.

The data used in this opinion poll were gathered through online questionnaires that involved 7445 participants who responded online over a period stretching between 22 October and 5 November 2013.  Participants came from Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon.  Some 38% of the Lebanese respondents noted that their current job was their first whilst 11% said that they took their job because it offered a good salary.  Another 21% noted that they chose to work in the sector that they aspired to whilst 11% took their job because they were attracted by the brand name (good reputation) of their employer.
When asked about challenges to their career advancement, 47% of the respondents pointed out to the limited opportunities for advancement and 24% to poor management.

For more information about the survey, please review the following link: Career Aspirations in the Middle East and North Africa Survey
To be noted, carried out an earlier opinion poll focusing on business entrepreneurship and which was administered online between 2 and 15 September of last year, published previously on WEEPortal on 18/11/2013, and entitled: "According to 77% of the Lebanese prefer to work in the private sector"

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