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IAGHE 6th career orientation exhibition within the absence of a government vision


The Islamic Association for Guidance and Higher Education (IAGHE) organised yesterday its sixth orientation exhibition entitled “A trade in the right direction” at the UNESCO palace. Some 26 universities and 10 vocational sectors took part in the event in addition to the military academy participating for the first time, and which introduced students to the process of enrolling in the military school.

The exhibition will be open for visitors till Saturday and will include a number of health-related, medical and agricultural activities. The inauguration of the exhibition was held under the auspices of the Minister of Public Health, Ali Hassan Khalil who noted that professional and career orientation is a social approach which includes various stakeholders such as the educational, professional and economic sectors.  He also pointed out to the importance of thinking beyond the classical educational molds and emphasized the important role that universities can play in resolving societal challenges and meeting needs.  He further added that the relation of the university with its environment should be based on a clear policy that takes into consideration competition standards as well as the realization of human and community development. It also should contribute to the building of a knowledge economy and society particularly given the absence of an official and strategic high educational vision in Lebanon.

Source: Al-Nahar, Al-Safir 6 December 2013

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