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Salam laments youth’s emigration but offers no solutions


Prime Minister Tammam Salam met yesterday with a number of students from private and public schools at the Grand Serail, where they discussed the rights of youth unemployment rates and several other issues. Salam’s argument about the subject did not give the students any glimpse of hope.  He noted while speaking on the mass emigration of Lebanese youth that Lebanon is a small country and cannot provide job opportunities to all its graduates (!?). He added that, in recent years, some 35,000 engineers and 12,000 doctors graduated in Lebanon, noting that those numbers far exceed demand in the market. Salam also noted the surplus of universities in the country, adding that the Cabinet had delayed the approval of approximately 12 new university departments in an effort to ensure that standards of education remain up to par.
Source: The Daily Star 20 November 2014

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