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Lebanese labor constitutes 10% of total labor force in the industrial sector


The Minister of Industry, Hussein Hajj Hassan, met yesterday with the president of the General Federation of Trade Unions, Marun Al Khaouli, and its general secretary, Farid Zeinoun, to discuss the situation of Lebanese workers in the sector.  Al Khaouli indicated in a statement after the meeting that the size of the employed Lebanese labor force continues to decrease as it is being replaced by foreign and notably Syrian labor.  Al Khaouli said that Lebanese labor in the industrial sector constitutes only 10% of totally employed, noting that this increases unemployment amongst the youth and negatively affects the economy. Furthermore, he pointed out to the negative effect on the national economy resulting from large transfers of remittances aboard by some 100,000 foreign workers. The size of these transfers is currently estimated at hundred of millions of US dollars every month.
Al Khaouli further said that the general federation requested during the meeting that a strategy be developed with the Ministries of Industry and Labor in order to protect the rights of Lebanese workers especially in the industrial sector.  He added that Minister Hajj Hassan expressed his understanding and solidarity with Lebanese workers and noted that his Ministry will be taking concrete measure to address this issue.

Source: Al-Nahar, Al-Diyar 17 October 2014

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