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New official memo limiting professions to Lebanese citizens


Minister of Labor, Sejaan Azzi, issued yesterday a memorandum in which he defined professions which are exclusive to Lebanese citizens but with some exceptions. Azzi clarified in a statement that his memorandum comes at a time when the Lebanese labor is facing a fierce competition and it is the duty of the Ministry to protect Lebanese labor as well as employers.  He added that this memorandum is in line with considerations related to national interest and the principle of reciprocity, the needs of the job market as well as humanitarian consideration.  The memorandum noted that all professions including administrative, banking, insurance and educational jobs will be exclusive to the Lebanese citizens, while professions in commerce, banking, accounting, engineering, and liberal professions to be exclusive to Lebanese employers.
Source: Al-Diyar, Al-Akhbar, Al-Safir, Al-Nahar 17 December 2014

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