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ILO deplores the lack of programmes or legislations to support unemployment in Lebanon


The ILO issued last Tuesday a report in social protection entitled “Building economic recovery, inclusive development and social justice”, in which it notes that 70% of the world’s population do not have adequate social protection whereas only 27% of the world population enjoy a comprehensive social security.   ILO Deputy Director-General, Sandra Polaski, noted that the issue of social protection has become more important in the absence of economic stability, and given the slow growth and increasing inequality.  She also added that this is a matter that the international community needs to give due consideration in the post-2015 development agenda.  She also added that many high income countries have started to decrease their social protection schemes especially in the European Union.
With regards to Lebanon, the report notes that 6 out of 8 categories are all covered by the NSSF albeit in a limited way with regards to legal coverage.  The report explains that the category of “sickness” is covered in kind by the NSSF whereas the category of “maternity”, “old-age”, "employment injury”, “disability”, “survival”, and “family compensation” are all covered by one programme according to the national laws in force.  The report affirms that the country has no legislation or programmes to support unemployment.
To access the executive summary of the report report, please click on the following link: World Social Protection Report 2014/15: Building economic recovery, inclusive development and social justice.
Source: Al-Mustaqbal 9 June 2014

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