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Decline of tourism in Denneyeh and the problem of Syrian displaced


As Safir newspaper published a report about tourism in Dennyeh where owners of various touristic institutions and services are not expecting the summer season of this year to go beyond a few weeks holidays by inhabitants of Tripoli as well as some Lebanese immigrants.  This reflects the general decline of tourism in an area which is unable to capitalise on its natural landmarks such as forests and natural water springs amidst an absence of any national development plan by municipalities and wealthy residents from the region.

The municipal head of Sir el Dennyeh, Ahmad Alam, told As Safir that the main reason for this deterioration is the large number of displaced people from Syria which is affecting the local economy as they rent houses for cheap which could have been rented at higher prices to visitors from the gulf.  In addition, Alam notes that displaced people have limited resources and cannot visit local restaurants which are the cornerstone of the area’s economy.

Source: Al-Safir, Al-Diyar, 24 July 2014

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