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38% unemployment among youth, 14%poverty in Lebanon while economic actors still dwell over the problems


Ghassan Ghosn, head of the General Confederation of Lebanese Workers noted in a statement released yesterday that youth unemployment has now risen to 38% whilst the proportion of those living under the poverty line increased from 10 to 14% warning that the social conditions are now explosive.
Ghosn noted that the current situation is quite dicey both at the social and economic level and requires a collaboration and partnership amongst the Syndicates and economic institutions as well as various economic sector and Lebanese labor so that appropriate steps are taken to address the situation.  Ghosn added that there is a move towards intensifying collaboration amongst various stakeholders so that each fulfills its responsibility and puts necessary actions in place to address the crisis.  Ghosn called for drawing a Charter amongst all economic stakeholders based on a number of common principles, namely demanding the government to work towards national salvation, the protection of local labor and production from foreign competition and from market saturation, the provision of incentives and subsidies to the local economy, the creation of a conducive environment for the economy and finally the strengthening of the capacities of economic sectors in Lebanon.
With regards to the repercussions of the increasing number of Syrian displaced, Ghosn noted that this is now presenting threats at various levels namely social, economically as well as in terms of health, safety and security.  He added that this matter should be dealt seriously otherwise the consequences will be critical.  He also blamed the Lebanese for exploiting the availability of cheap Syrian labor as well as the dire conditions of the displaced.  Finally, he supported the suggestion of the head of the Federation of CCIA in Lebanon concerning the setting of a quota for employing Syrian displaced.
Source: Al-Safir, Al-Nahar, Al-Hayat 7 November 2013

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