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Food processed products remain at the top of Lebanese exports


The Minister of Industry, Frej Sabounjian, referred to monthly, quarterly and yearly exports data which continuously indicate that food processed products are first on the list of Lebanese exports.  Sabounjian also noted that the Lebanese cuisine and wine have successfully reached international markets thus the importance of securing sustainability and high quality through land reclamation in Lebanon as well as reaching out to water and soil rich neighboring Arab countries so as to scale up investments.  Sabounjian noted that strengthening production in these countries is important for building a new economy in the region.  Sabounjian added that his Ministry is now working towards subsidizing the costs of participation of Lebanese exporters in international fairs.  Efforts are also placed towards developing a new project entitled "Beirut, the capital of taste" in order to support the Lebanese industry and the marketing of its products.  
Sabounjian’s declarations came during a luncheon organised by food industrialists.  The event was organised in celebration of the former president of the Syndicate of Food Industries, Georges Nasraoui, which was attended by the Minister of Tourism, Fadi Abboud and the Director General of the Ministry of Economy and Trade, Fouad Fleifel as well as other key figures.
The new president of the Syndicate, Munir Bsat, gave a key note address and spoke of the current realities of the food industries highlighting the continuous growth in production and exports despite difficulties and challenges faced.  He called on the members of the Syndicate to support it and to participate actively in the implementation of its new plan.  The former president, Nasraoui, encouraged the audience to participate in external exhibitions and to open up to export.  He also stressed the important role played by the syndicate to lobby politicians and decision makers to take initiatives which would support the local industry and encourage the adoption of ISO and HACCP standards so as to improve the quality of production.
Source: Al-Mustaqbal, Al-Nahar, Al-Diyar 20 December 2013

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