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Shoucair announces support to Lebanese food processing industry and to its participation in Dubai food exhibition


The president of the federation of Lebanese Chambers and of the Beirut and Mount Lebanon Chamber, Mohammed Shucair, met yesterday with a delegation of food processing industrialists headed by the President of the Syndicate of Food Industrialists, Munir Bsar, accompanied by the president of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists, Georges Nasrawi, and discussed ways to develop the food industry sector.
Shucair stressed the importance of the food processing sector and the need to provide it with the needed support especially that is considerably expanding externally.  Shucair also expressed his readiness to support this sector with all means available to him.  He added that the Lebanese food industry will be amongst the most important Lebanese industry in the near future as Lebanese cuisine is witnessing an unprecedented growth and expansion all over the world and this helping in creating employment for the youth.  Finally, Shucair noted that he will be aiming to ensure the successful participation of Lebanese food processing industries in the upcoming Gulf Food exhibition in Dubai, while indicating his readiness to financially support the production of a promotional film on the local food industry.
Source: Al-Diyar 27 August 2014

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