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Golden opportunity for Lebanese cuisine and food industry at Expo 2015 in Milano


The Minister of Economy and Trade, Alain Hakim, and the Italian Ambassador Giuseppe Morabito, officially inaugurated the preparatory activities of the Lebanese Pavilion at the 2014 Milano Internation Exhibition and that during a joint press conference held at the grand serial yesterday.  The Italian ambassador noted that the exhibit will carry the slogan of “Feeding the planet, energy for life” and will seek to address the issues of sufficient, safe and sustainable nutrition for humanity especially since one of eight people suffer from starvation whilst 12% of the total inhabitant of the planet suffer from obesity and 800 million persons do not have access to clean drinking water.  He added that Lebanon’s participation in this event is a key step towards outreaching to international exhibitions.  The Ambassador noted that the Mediterranean region makes up a large proportion of the event which takes place over more than 7330 square meters and host, in addition to Lebanon, 11 countries from Africa, Asia and Europe.

Minister Hakim noted that this exhibition is an important opportunity to familiarize the world with the richness of the Lebanese cuisine and healthy culinary habits in addition to the art de vivre which has placed Lebanon amongst the best ten cuisines worldwide.  This, according to the Minister, has attracted tourism to Lebanon and boosted its identity.  He added that this event provides a historical opportunity for Lebanese food industries to enter new European markets through the customs and logistics facilities which will be made available throughout the exhibition.

The Minister also announced that an action plan has been put in place with all stakeholders and including the following points:

  • The Ministry of Economy and Trade will divide the period of the exhibition and which extends over six months into trade weeks that will focus on specific food sector including wine, olive oil and its bi-products and others.  As such, he called on the Syndicate of food industrialists to pool its efforts and collaborate with the Ministry to visibilise it participation and specify the activities it will implement during the event.
  • Creating a committee consisting of the departments and private and public institutions to ensure a comprehensive Lebanese participation and make optimal use of available resources.
  • Accompany the Lebanese participation in the 2015 exhibition with daily and weekly cultural and artistic events which would attract visitors to the Lebanese pavilion and prompt them to try and buy its products
  • Organise monthly artistic events jointly with Lebanese artists to familiarize visitors with Lebanon’s culture
  • Dedicate one national day during the exhibition to Lebanon
  • Communicate universities and hotel management schools and make the pavilion available for its students so that they can exhibit their creative work and introduce visitors to Lebanese cuisine

Source: Al-Diyar, Al-Mustaqbal 16 April 2014

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