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A disaster inflicts this year olive orchards in Wadi Sharoun (Metn)


As Safir newspaper published a report on the disaster which hit the olive orchards in Aley and the Higher Metn where olive production is critical for the agriculture of the area notably in what is known as Wadi Sharon which includes most of the villages of the highlands in addition to the middle area of Aley and Higher Metn.
The president of the Sharon General Cooperative Agricultural Association, Ahmad Sayegh, noted that this year’s harvest is not expected to exceed 5% of normal average production.  He also added that even this minimal harvest will not qualify for marketing as the olives are expected to be too small as a result of the outbreak of diseases.  Sayegh also added that hardly 50 olive oil gallons will be produced compared to an annual average of 800 gallons.  Agricultural expert Diana Marruche Abi Saeed noted that climate change is largely responsible for this disaster and the outbreak of diseases resulting in poor production.  She recommended regulated use of pesticides one month prior to harvest and to use insect catchers rather than drugs, as well as the use of organic drugs rather than poisonous pesticides.

Source: Al-Safir 1 October 2014

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