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Proposals for developing and protecting olive tree growing in Wadi Taym


Afaaq Association organised yesterday a meeting to discuss prospects for protecting and developing the growing of olive trees in Wadi Taym area, and held at the Kamal Jumblatt Cultural and Social Centre in Dahr Al-A7mar in Rashayya caza.
At the end of the meeting, the participants issued a recommendation paper which highlighted the importance of olive trees that covers 25% of total agricultural lands. The recommendations included the following:: introducing a tax of 8000 LBP/per liter of imported olive oil, commit the Lebanese army and welfare associations partners of MOSA to buy Lebanese olive oil for their consumption, encouraging municipalities to actively engage in the development of this sector, introduce measures that impose on merchants the clear display of the country origin of foreign olive oil intended for domestic consumption , finally, to impose on owners of oil pressing units the issuing of quality and quantity certificates for all quantities of olive oil processed in their units.
Source: Al-Safir, Al-Diyar 12 March 2014

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