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Food production industries discusses with IDAL the support to exhibitions and to opening new external markets


Within the framework of supporting the industrial sector and promoting its products, a meeting was held yesterday between the Chair and CEO of IDAL (Investment Development Authority of Lebanon), Nabil Itani, and a delegation of the Syndicate of Food Industrialist headed by its President Mounir Bsat.  Discussions during the meeting revolved around the development of this sector and ways of supporting local and international fairs and exhibitions in which the Syndicate is seeking to participate.
Itani noted during the meeting that IDAL is working on several fronts to develop the food industry sector in Lebanon with the aim of strengthening its position and competitiveness both internally and internationally. He also pointed out to the fact that food products are amongst the top level exports and that the related industry is creating many employment opportunities. Itani emphasized the importance of developing the efforts to promote these products globally as well as increasing their export and penetration of international markets.  Bsat noted for his part the important role that the state should play in supporting this sector whilst stressing the role which IDAL plays as an umbrella for participating in exhibitions and various international events.  The Syndicate is for its part is exerting considerable efforts working to improve products quality as well as opening new external markets.  Bsat called for developing an annual calendar of exhibitions so as to attract a higher number of Lebanese exhibitors.
Source: Al-Nahar, Al-Diyar 17 January 2014

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