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An ILO workshop for defining the job of social worker in the Ministry of Labour


The ILO and the Ministry of Labour organised yesterday a workshop to discuss the draft of a generic job description for social workers with the participation of social workers from the Ministries of Labour and of Social Affairs in addition to some other social workers active with NGOs in Lebanon.  The job description was drafted by the ILO in anticipation of its endorsement and adoption by the Ministry of Labour (MoL).  According to this document, the social workers are expected to complete training in various subjects such as international human rights convention, ILO standards as well as addressing forced labour, trafficking in humans and the new practices related to control of work conditions, mediation, conflict resolution, etc. According to the designate plan, social workers belonging to MoL are expected to carry out spot checks to follow-up on the conditions of foreign domestic workers, submit reports, receive complaints related to their mental and social state and investigate these complaints.
To be noted that the Ministry of Labour had already appointed six social workers to provide assistance to migrant women domestic workers especially in addressing conflicts with employers but these have yet to take on their role mainly for lack of training.
Source: Al-Akhbar 30 August 2013

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