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The journey of Rabab Sadr, president of Imam el Sadr Institutions


In a special feature today, L’Orient Le Jour highlighted the life of the president of Imam Mousa el Sadr Institutions, and sister of disappeared Imam Moussa Sadr. Speaking to the reporter, Raba Sadr revealed that she is seeking to carry on the mission and vision of her elder brother who brought her up and inspired her actions. His disappearance, she said, was the main motivation for her work with families of missing persons who were abducted during the country’s civil war, regardless of their religious affiliations. Sadr mediated with heads of various political parties whom she barely knew in an attempt to save the lives of many, she noted. On her social and professional life, Sadr, a grandmother to 11 grandchildren, said she started her career life with fashion design and later received a scholarship to study drawing and painting in Italy. Not forgetting to mention her passion for poetry, she told L’Orient Le Jour reporter that she has recently earned her doctorate degree in philosophy. During her leisure time, Sadr said she likes to watch good movies or indulge in knitting and handicraft hobbies. And despite that she comes from a family of committed believers, she added that she never was prevented from doing what she loved, and was encouraged by her imam brother and his wife to follow her ambitions. Even the laws were never an obstacle to her ventures, particularly in field of human rights, mentioning she did not feel any inferior treatment for wearing the ‘hijab’ or for being a woman. Rabab Sadr pointed out that she feels at ease in Christian communities, especially when she visits churches, where she recites religious texts and sermons. Sadr finally said that women do not have to protest in order to claim their natural rights; but rather they should practice those rights in their daily lives and impose on society their realities. (L’Orient Le Jour, April 10, 2017)

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