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Jumblat in favor of laws against women’s discrimination


On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which falls on November 25, the head of the Democratic Gathering, MP Taymour Jumblat, tweeted, saying, we should continue to pressure to enact relevant draft laws to protect women and their rights. This covers the following issues: determining the age of marriage, the necessary amendments to Law 294 on the protection of women and family members against violence, the right of women to confer nationality to their children and in the forefront, the enactment of a unified civil personal status law. . On this same occasion, the head of the Woman and Child Parliamentary Committee, MP Enaya Ezzedine, stated that the approval by the Justice and Administration Committee of the Law Criminalizing Sexual Harassment and Rehabilitating its Victims earlier in November (, is a significant stride towards the protection and empowerment of women and strengthening cohesion in society. Ezzedine also lauded the legal implications in the above draft law, notably the recognition of a novelty in the Lebanese law which is the crime of sexual harassment, as clear-cut a definition can be, pertaining to the type of act perpetrated, its instruments, as well as the age and sex of the victim. Ezzedine maintained that the adoption of the law is consistent with international standards and is seen as a step forward in the realization of human rights. Furthermore, it influences a specific culture and traditional mindset rooted in the Lebanese society. (Al Diyar, November 29, 30, 2020)

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