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Marking April 13th: Nationality Campaign demands an end to discrimination against women


My Nationality is a Right for Me and My Family Campaign issued a statement to mark the start of the Civil War on April 13 and which went one from 1975 to1990. Forty six years later and after the destruction and massacres caused by religious tension, this same sectarianism continues to deny Lebanese women the right to pass citizenship to their families, the statement said. The Campaign launched a #stopdailywar hashtag decrying various forms and practices of war, including sectarianism and demographic divisions, etc, manipulated by the patriarchal political system which blogs legal reforms. It is the daily confrontation of Lebanese women with the discriminatory outdated nationality law (1925), a war that violates the rights of women within the same state, by giving men the right to confer nationality to their children and family members while denying women this same right. My Nationality Campaign director, Karima Chebbo, said that throughout the campaign’s struggle with the political authorities to change the bigoted law, parties objecting to this right adopted narratives that are nowhere near the principles of human rights. These largely endorsed or focused on the “nationality of the husband, the nationality of children, religion and sect” and later on used the pathetic excuse or justification of “demographic distribution” or “sectarian balance” to this end, stressing that the Campaign demands a legally enforced right without discrimination or exception. Chebbo also addressed a group of politicians who boast “that the concerns of some Lebanese factions should be respected”, stating that desecrating the rights of women is what should worry them. They have a duty to endorse and consecrate all these rights and lift the injustices rampant in the Lebanese laws, hence ensuring everyone enjoys their rights without preferences based on religion, ethnicity, sect, color or nationality. On the other hand, the General Directorate of General Security announced in a statement, that as part of its surveillance efforts to uncover persons or networks active in the forgery of foreign passports, it successfully arrested a member of these rings. It also seized fake passports and IDs, in addition to entry and departure stamps of different fraudulent border crossings, the statement said, revealing that these illicit networks and predators had developed fictitious methods of luring victims through deceptive advertisements on social media for obtaining a second passport or residence in exchange for huge sums of money. The GS statement warned all citizens and foreigners residing in Lebanon against falling into their trap by calling 1717 or reporting to the nearest GS center. (Al Diyar, April 7, My Nationality campaign Facebook page).

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