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Ministerial ban on recruiting MWDWs outside official job description


In light of MWDWs dire situation, since the outbreak of the financial-economic crisis (, Minister of Labor, Lamia Yamin, issued a directive on May 31 banning employers from recruiting migrant women domestic workers outside the legitimate job description agreed by the ministry under penalty of strict measures. Based on the above directive, and in order to fulfill the contractual terms of MWDWs work contracts, new employers are asked to submit a request for settlement to the ministry within a period of 6 months from the date of the ministry’s. The submitted request should include all required documents namely: A request specifying the name of the concerned migrant worker, a copy of the worker’s passport, a copy of the work permit, copies of the employer’s papers (ID, register of commerce…) and papers of the MWDW’s residence address. The submitted file should include work permits for MWDWs who obtained the approval of the labor minister to settle their status, as well as an assurance by employers to commit to subject laws as well as health and safety conditions of the worker and avoid any form of forced labor. The minister’s order will only apply to all those entering Lebanese territory legally, and this needs to be supported by a document released by the General Directorate of General Security to this end. (AL Diyar, An Nahar, May 31, 2021)

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