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My nationality campaign and children’s registration in public school


My Nationality is a Right for Me and My Children Campaign visited education minister Akram Shehayeb on September 6 to resolve the obstacles impeding the registration in public schools of children of Lebanese women married to non-Lebanese. The Campaign reported the many complaints from Lebanese mothers who were disallowed to enroll their children in the absence of a clear decision to this effect by the minister, on the pretext that the priority is for Lebanese students only. The Campaign said that upon scrutiny, it found that the directive released by the minister regulating the registration of students covered only the Lebanese students. The non-Lebanese students were included in another decision which required their admission as of 12/9/2019, meaning, according to the Campaign, that non-Lebanese children from Lebanese mothers are allowed to apply 10 days after the completion of registration of Lebanese students. Chehayeb explained that this administrative measure was not a novelty, but that he only roped in the right of Palestinians in this regard. And while he pointed out that the registration of Lebanese students is a priority considering the capacity of public schools to accommodate students, the Campaign stressed that the issue does not involve Lebanese women, but that it is an outcome of the prejudiced and discriminatory laws in effect which fail to grant citizens equal rights or ensure social justice for all. The capacity of public schools to accommodate students should not jeopardize or be at the expense of the rights of Lebanese women, the Campaign stated. Chehayeb, at the end of the meeting, promised to issue a new circular on September 9 requiring the admission of children from a Lebanese mother and a non-Lebanese father on par with Lebanese students. He confirmed this during a phone call with the director general of the ministry Fadi Yarak notifying him of his decision. (

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