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The Rassemblement Democratique des Femmes Libanaises launches a book in commemoration of the late Wada Chakhtura


The Rassemblement Democratique des Femmes Libanaises (RDFL) commemorated the fourth anniversary of the passing away of its former president Wadad Chakhtura during an event held last week at the UNESCO palace in Beirut during which it released a volume entitled "A Salute to Wadad Chakhtura".  The event was attended by trade union and civil society activists in addition to RDFL members and scores of friends of Chakhtura.
The commemoration included a number of speeches notably by senior women activists Linda Matar who shared snippets of Chakhtura's journey in opposing the civil war as well as the Israeli invasion.  Joumana Merhy, the Director of the Arab Human Rights Institute spoke of Chakhtura as somebody who did not compromise in her position which was critical to social and cultural norms as well as the confessional system, all of which were responsible for violating women's citizenship rights in addition to the lack of political commitment to equality. The event also included other speeches notably by the president of the teachers' syndicates, Nehmeh Mahfuz, the director of Association Najdeh, Leyla al Ali, and RDFL's director, Caroline Sukkar Slaybee, and was concluded with the distribution of the book dedicated to Chakhtura's journey as an activist for women's rights.
Source: Al-Nahar, Al-Safir, Al-Mustaqbal 17 March 2014

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