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RDFL demands that the government includes women’s issue in its Ministerial Statement


Rassemblement Democratique des Femmes Libanaises (RDFL) issued a statement yesterday highlighting the very low representation of women in this cabinet despite the persistent demands for a fair representation as well as the adoption of the women quota.  The statement acknowledges the nomination of Minister Alice Chabtini following the intervention and recommendation of the President of the Republic.  RDFL demanded in its statement that the current new Cabinet includes rightful women's issues in its Ministerial statement and work towards bringing justice to women suffering from a historical marginalisation of their rights, and exert pressures for adopting the draft law for the protection of women against domestic violence that still awaits the awakening of the consciences of the parliamentarians, whilst domestic violence cases is on the rise in Lebanon.  The statement further outlines the key demands namely women's right to nationality, reform of the penal code, labor law and national social security provisions, an end to the exclusion of women from active participation in the political and public life, the adoption of a civil law for personal status, and the lifting of reservations on CEDAW.  Furthermore, RDFL highlights the need to address the plight of Syrian women refugees and asked the government to take due responsibility and put in place protection measures to challenge violence and exploitation.
The women organisation concluded by hoping that this new phase will be an entry point for the state to honor its international commitment and to abolish all forms of discrimination and violence against women, as well as ensure that all women in Lebanon are free from injustice and exclusion.
Source: Al-Mustaqbal, Al-Nahar 28 February 2014

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