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Sexual exploitation and violence against displaced Syrian women


As Safir newspaper published a report on the numerous cases of sexual harassment and rape of Syrian displaced women by either their relatives or by the host communities and sometimes even by humanitarian aid workers and those entrusted with distributing aid to the displaced.  The report pointed out to these abuses which are leaving psychological sequel on many women.  Indeed, a number of suicide attempts have been recorded in addition to severe psychological disorders exacerbated by the taboo of silence.

The report also sheds the lights on the ways in which these women are trying to cope with their new realities, especially after their failed attempts at suicide, recording their fears from a society that does not accept such disturbances, and in the absence of any protection.

In a related vein, Al Mustaqbal newspaper quoted a statement dated 1 March 2014 by the Internal Security Forces, notably the vice squad and which refers to the arrest of 2 Syrian men who were charged with facilitating prostitution and human trafficking.  One of the perpetrators confessed that they have an acolyte, who would provide them with women coming from Syria.  This person was later arrested when he came to one of the houses of the detainees to “deliver” two women, whom he confessed having tricked into leading them to believe that they were coming to do domestic work whereas in fact they were being channeled into prostitution.
Source: Al-Safir, Al-Mustaqbal 6 March 2014

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