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Syrian seamstress caters for the displaced in Marje3yun and provides livelihoods to her family after the death of the male breadwinner


As Safir newspaper published a report about a Syrian displaced woman from Idlib, Aush Haykal, who held on to her sewing machine and brought it with her to Lebanon with the help of her family given that the machine is big and heavy.  The machine was transported across the border and then to the displacement centre in Marje3yun.
Aush is now known as the seamstress for as many as 1500 Syrian residents in the displacement centre in Marje3yun who come to her and also from the nearby valleys of Mary, Mjaidiyeh, Sardeh, Wazzani.  Her machine is her key source of livelihood helping her to generate income of some LBP 10000 to 20000 per day which she uses to feed her family of five children as her husband died during the war.
Aush notes that her machine is needed by the displaced during all seasons and occasions.  She added that her work has developed from simple alterations of clothes distributed to the displaced to manufacturing wedding gowns as the displaced are marrying at the rate of at least one wedding a week.  Aush added that the wedding gown does not cost much because she can buy raw material including fabric and sequins from the popular market or she simply recycles old clothes and material in the camp.  Each wedding gown can cost between LBP 50 to 300 thousand whilst alteration of one trouser hardly costs LBP 1000.
Source: Al-Safir 19 May 2014

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