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Sexual harassment: Lebanese workers beaten in Kazakhstan; woman harassed in Tyre


A number of Lebanese workers and engineers working at Consolidate Contractors company in Kazakhstan were beaten on Saturday by Kazakh colleagues over a picture showing a Lebanese worker with a local woman. The Kazakh ministry of interior clarified in a statement that the brawl broke out when the Lebanese worker, Elie Daoud, posted a picture on social media with a female Kazakh co-worker that was deemed to be insulting to local women and to the country. The governor of Atyrau province, Nurlan Nogayev, said the scuffle between the local and the Lebanese and Arab workers was due to disparities in job conditions, calling on investors to understand the need to observe the laws of the country they work in. He said ethical values need also to be respected and dignities safeguarded On the other hand, in Lebanon, the ISF General Directorate-PR Department, issued a statement on Friday saying that, on 25/6/2019, an electronic portal in Tyre posted a news headline ‘Mrs R.M sexually harassed by taxi driver in Tyre’. Upon surveillance and investigation carried out by the South Investigation Unit at the Regional Gendarmerie, it managed in less than 24 hours to identify and locate the place of the harasser, arresting him at the Qasmiyeh area, the statement added. (An Nahar, Al Mustaqbal, June 29, 2019)

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