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Skepticism over alleged official green light for gender equality in nationality


Future Movement MP, Rula Tabsh, said on February 8, that the ministerial statement has devoted a special paragraph for women promoting gender equality and eliminating all forms of discrimination against them. Tabsh revealed that an official green light was issued to give Lebanese women the right to grant nationality to their children. Tabsh also talked about the economic empowerment of women, emphasizing that it is important for women to shoulder public responsibilities and advocate their rights. Tabsh concluded by stressing that laws related to women are many, and are all intended to achieve gender justice and equality. My Nationality is A Right for Me and My Family Campaign commented on its Facebook page, ( saying: “For over nine months, we have been hearing the phrase ‘women’s right to confer nationality’. Today, a new color effect catchphrase ‘we received an official green light’ has been added. “Who gave us the green light? Who still controls our rights? Does this mean that all the past promises were gone with the wind,” the post added. Women’s rights are not to be bargained by the political elite. We had enough promises and speeches… Our right is claimed when the law on nationality we’ve been looking for is ratified… Anything less than that is only procrastination, it concluded. (Al Mustaqbal, February 9, 2019)

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