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Unprecedented in Lebanon: 4 women out of 30 cabinet ministers


The new Lebanese government was formed yesterday after more than 9 months in gestation, with an unprecedented representation of women. For the first time in the history of Lebanon, four women ministers (out of 30 ministers) are handed senior and sovereign portfolios, compared to only one-woman minister in the previous government. Recalling, the four appointed ministers are: Raya Hassan as minister of interior, Nada Bustani as minister of energy and water, May Chidiac as minister of state for administrative development and Violette Safadi as minister of state for women and youth affairs. Below is a brief biography of the newly-appointed women ministers. Raya Hassan, close ally of Future Movement, currently heads the Special Economic Zone of Tripoli (SEZ), holder of a degree in business administration from AUB and a masters from George Washington University. She worked as an advisor to the ministries of finance and economy and was appointed as minister of finance in 2009. Nada Bustani, activist in the Free Patriotic Movement, holder of degree in economics from USJ and masters from the ISC Paris Business School. She previously served as adviser to the former minister of energy and water, Ceasar Abu Khalil. May Chidiac, affiliated with the Lebanese Forces Party, holder of PhD in Information and Communication from University Paris 2. She is a lecturer of radio and television arts at NDU and heads the May Chidiac Foundation. Violette Safadi, close to Future Movement, a Lebanese journalist, served as economic advisor to then finance minister Mohamad Safadi. In his comment on the new female faces, prime minister Saad Hariri praised their appointment, stressing that the ministries they head shall see big success and achievements. (Al Mustaqbal, L’Orient Le Jour, February 1, 2019)

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