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A USAID-funded training on beekeeping in Kfarshuba


The Rural Development Cooperative Association in Kfarshuba organized last week a beekeeping training which extended over two days.  Beekeepers and farmers from the village took part in this event which was implemented in collaboration with the LIVCD programme in Lebanon which is financed by the USAID.  Training focused on beekeeping techniques and ways to develop it and included practicum training on existing beehives in the area during which beekeepers were provided with the special protective attire offered by the programmes. The president of the cooperative association, Nazih Yehya, noted that the association will continue to offer such training in order to meet the needs of farmers and beekeepers in Kfarshuba and in surrounding areas and in order to disseminate knowledge on ways of developing the local productive sectors which constitute important sources of livelihood to many families in the region.

Source: Al-Mustaqbal 18 August 2014

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