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Cooperation between South Lebanon Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and Al Baraka group for financing of small and medium enterprises


The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Saida organised in its premises yesterday a seminar entitled “Together for the financing of small and medium enterprises in Saida and South Lebanon”.  The event was held in collaboration with the Al Baraka bank within the framework of the “Economic dialogue” programme which is produced and hosted by Ghada Ballout from Arab Women TV.
The president of the Chamber, Mohammed Saleh, noted during that seminar that the collaboration between Al Baraka bank and the Chamber for the financing of small and medium enterprises seeks to support the Chamber’s various development programmes especially those targeting the agricultural sector.  These programmes include for instance the hydroponic programme financed by USAID and which seeks to create hydroponics in Lebanon and especially in South Lebanon in order to produce high quality vegetables, fruits, and flowers and thus enable producers to market internationally and raise their income.
Saleh added that a comprehensive study is being prepared with USAID support in order to identify priority needs and to create a model industrial city for light and medium production in South Lebanon.  The model industrial city will enjoy a complete infrastructure. The Chamber also seeks to organise trade exhibitions while pointing out in that context that the Chamber is organising next month a trade exhibition for agro-industry of the South.  
Source: Al-Diyar 16 May 2013

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