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CSR prizes from FransaBank and Vitas to small businesses


FransaBank organized yesterday at the Adnan Kassar building a joint press conference with Vitas Company, during which the bank distributed 24 prizes, of USD 1,000 each, to owners of small enterprises from different rural areas, and as part of the bank’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and in an attempt to strengthen balanced development. The President of Vitas, Ziad Halabi, considered in his keynote speech, that the partnership between his company and FransaBank is a glaring evidence that both sides are determined to support marginalized and low-income groups through helping them to access small financial services, and thus to contribute to social and economic development. For his part, the General Director of FransaBank, Nadim Kassar, noted that one of the main key pillars on which the bank builds its values and culture is that of empowering low-income individuals, through providing them with opportunities to overcome unemployment and improve their livelihoods. Kassar also noted that FransaBank has until now provided more than 10000 small loans, worth some USD 20 millions. The press conference included the projection of a short documentary film on how lives of low-income individuals in rural areas, have improved because of FransaBank loans.
Source: Al-Safir 19 November 2014

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