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Economic & Social Development Fund (ESFD) in creates new job opportunities for small and medium business holders in Akkar


Nahar newspaper published last week a new report on the work of the Economic & Social Development Fund (ESFD) in Akkar through the implementation of projects which seek to address the development needs of the region.  According to the report, the people of the region has now high expectations in making strides in the economic and development activities of the region with the help of international donor agencies.

The report notes that ESFD has developed a new financial model for 2013 which hopefully can act as an incentive to support small and medium enterprises and encourage banks to act as financial brokers.  The Fund is scheduled to complete its job creation activities in 2013 as well as the lending to small businesses within the framework of the risk sharing scheme.  The Fund will also start looking for new options for lending such as providing financial services to small enterprises as well as housing loans and other services. In the field of local development, ESFD will conclude the implementation of its grant programme targeting North Lebanon.  The Fund will also seek to ensure the sustainability of the previously implemented projects as well as fundraise to develop new components in its programmes.

It should be noted that up until the end of the first quarter of 2013, the Fund has financed no less than 7224 small and medium enterprises and has created through its action some 4840 new and sustainable employment opportunities.

What follows is a list of the projects currently being implemented within the framework of the EU- funded ADELNORD project:

Source: Al-Nahar 12 May 2013

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