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Amal: Syrian woman and a new victim of domestic violence


Amal Ali Khalil is a new victim of domestic violence in Lebanon. Khalil, 18 years, Syrian, was rushed to Tamnin Hospital in Baalbak on Sunday with bruises all over her body caused by her husband Hilal Mohamad Khalil (35 years). In the details reported by An Nahar newspaper, doctors at first sight thought it was brought about by ruthless beating to be shocked later by the findings of the clinical examination. The latter, Amal clarified, was the outcome of five long days of sadism and cruelty practiced by the victim’s husband on his wife’s body while holding her captive. The motive behind the aggression, she said, is to reprimand her for being not clean enough in her house, or rather, in the tent that shelters her and her 6-month old daughter, along with the children from her husband’s first wife, who she added, have joined in the act of torture. The information Department at the Internal Security Forces has reportedly arrested the perpetrator who confessed to brutalizing his wife using pointed objects in the town of Sareen, and was transferred to the Investigations Department in Baalbak. For her part, Amal’s mother who carried her daughter to the hospital said she has no choice but to sue Hilal (the husband), demanding that the media relay the case of Amal. This case, the mother said, should prompt all NGOs and associations concerned with the rights of women and Syrian refugees to act and put an end to the growing phenomenon of violence and abuse against women and children. (An Nahar, May 16, 2017)

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