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Trial postponed of husband killer of wife Manal Assi


The Criminal Court of Cassation, under Judge Suheir Harakeh, and in the presence of representative of Appellate Prosecutor’s Office, Judge Imad Qabalan, resumed the trial of Mohamad Nuheili, murderer of wife Manal Assi back in 2015 (news: Earlier on, in August 22, the Court agreed to repudiate the ruling of the Criminal Court of Beirut to mitigate the death penalty to a 5-year imprisonment sentence according to Article 252 of the Penal Code that allows the perpetrator to benefit from a reduced sentence if the crime was committed in a fit of rage resulting from a wrong action. The Court listened yesterday to the testimonies of 5 witnesses including neighbors of the victim and relatives of the assailant. They all agreed that the culprit has left his marital house several times after beating his wife who never begged for help. The judge also heard the victim’s mother who stated that she arrived at [the victim's] home after receiving a call from the defendant. And the latter, in turn, commented on the testimonies of witnesses in the presence of his attorney Ahmad Badran. The Court decided to summon the victim’s mother and other witnesses to the following session set for July 4 [2017]. (Al Mustaqbal, May 19, 2017)

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