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Refugees of the Arab Spring: The Syrian Refugees in Lebanon April 2011 - April 2012

Publisher: The Center for Migration and Refugee Studies (CMRS) of the American University of Cairo (CUA)
Author: Sam Van Vliet & Guita Hourani
Type: Report
Date: 2012
Keywords: Syria, Lebanon, refugee, society, Syrian conflict
Location in CRTDA:

This review of one year influx of Syrian refugees into Lebanon is meant to reveal the political, communitarian and humanitarian factors that shape the State of Lebanon's policy towards it. The Lebanese government has lately adopted a ‘disassociation’ policy regarding the Syrian conflict with the objective of preventing the spill-over of the conflict and the destabilization of the country. Regional and international powers well understand the reasons for this policy, given Lebanon's geopolitical situation, its history and its 'special ties' with Syria. However, while Lebanon might be able to disassociate itself from the political entanglement of the Syrian crisis, it cannot distance itself from dealing with the growing numbers of Syrian refugees on its territory.

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